How to follow us on Twitter

I have a Twitter account

If you already have a Twitter account you'll most likely know what to do but, you may not know how to get tweets from us sent to your phone. So, here's how you do it!

How to get updates on your phone with a Twitter account

  1. You need to go to login to yout Twitter account and click on the gear icon (top right)
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Click on the Mobile tab
  4. Choose your country from the first drop-down menu
  5. Enter your mobile number. No need to include your country code or leading zero
  6. Click Activate phone to begin verifying your phone
  7. You will be directed to send the word 'GO' via text message to Twitter (using the appropriate country-specific short code)
  8. Text the verification code from your phone to that short code
  9. Once they receive the verification code from you, your mobile device will be added to your Twitter account - cool!

I don't have a Twitter account

How to get updates on your phone without a Twitter account

You can get Twitter updates to your phone by texting Follow TheMarketChefs or Follow TheMarketFarmer to your providers shortcode. The following short codes are available.

2Degrees 8987
Telecom NZ 8987
Vodafone 8987

For example text Follow TheMarketChefs to 8987 if you are with Telecom. Each time a tweet is sent out you will receive it via SMS on your phone!

To remove your phone from Twitter:

Sending STOP twice in succession to your providers shortcode will delete your follower list and remove your phone number from Twitter.

Users without a Twitter account have a limit to how many updates they can receive daily. If you have hit your limit, you will receive the message “You've reached your daily limit for Tweet notifications”. To up your limit you will need to sign up for a full Twitter account.